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I'm going to pass on the fact that she can't seem to figure out which way to spell her name... Bai Ling is hot!

I was trying to figure out who the hell that hot asian chick was on VH1's silly karaoke show (no I didn't watch it, but I saw the ads). After a little trip around the web, I found out that I've been a fan of this chick for a long time... since the Crow.

She was that amazingly sexy and freaky (those are not mutually exclusive attributes for the Beefboy) chick who hung out with Michael Wincott's badass character. So basically, I've been in love with her for over a decade.

Recently she was also in one of my favorite films, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. And yes, she was on VH1’s But Can They Sing?

Dig it!

-The Beefboy


Short List of Credits

  • Southland Tales (2006)
  • Lords of Dogtown (2005)
  • Star Wars: Episode III (2005)
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2005)
  • Wild Wild West (1999)
  • The Crow (1994)






Bai Ling (or Ling Bai)



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