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Independant's Day

June 23, 2007 - The Beefboy’s parents are grazing their 70’s. The Beefdad has been a lifelong Republican, while the Beefmom has been a lifelong Democrat (see how I ended up where I am?). After a life of fighting and voting for their side, they have BOTH re-registered as Independents (just like the Beefboy). Why, you ask? Well, sit back relax, enjoy and let the Beefboy do, what the Beefboy does best… and that’s break it right on down for you.

Simply put, my parents are fed up with the virulent partisan politics that solves nothing and complicates our lives. They’re tired of politicians who will say and promise anything to get elected and then coast through the span of their terms. They’re through with Republicans who spend more than Paris Hilton and have rolled over on border security. They’re finished with Democrats who swear to end the war in Iraq and instead, pander to special interest groups and look for new and exciting ways to raise taxes.

Congress is worthless. The approval rating for Congress stands at an all time low of 15%. Let the Beefboy ask you a question. What’s the difference between Congress in session, versus Congress being out for the summer? Answer: with Congress adjourned, the interns are safer.

President George Bush is a disaster. He’s led us into a war that he refuses to let our armed forces win. Maybe if he had gone to Viet Nam, he would have learned that lesson thirty years ago. He’s giddy like a schoolgirl at the prospect of allowing illegal aliens unfettered access to our hospitals, schools and social programs without either pitching in their fair share, going through the process that legal immigrants must follow, adopting our language and culture, and without first securing the border to make sure we don’t have to deal with this issue every couple of decades. Bush has signed every bill that expands government that has crossed his desk. What conservative value does he hold the line on? Stem cell research? Neat. Thanks for THAT buddy.

Finally, the Courts have become a discrace. Between expanding immanent domain to include the private sector and constantly seeking ways to weaken the civil liberties established in the Constitution, even the Judicial branch, the branch of government that should be most stable, is crumbling away at its foundation.

What the Beefboy’s parents are doing is just an example of what is happening around the country. People who have held a certain party in high regard for decades is beginning to wake up and realize that the two major parties don’t care a bit about what you think. They have both evolved into a disconnected elitist group of globalist nutsacks, hell-bent on feathering their own nests and securing the longevity of their own political careers while screwing the entire country.

And you know what? They’re laughing at you Beefanatics! That’s right. They’re getting a big gut-busting laugh out of the fact that you’re too afraid or ignorant to vote their useless asses out of office! Between the Republicans and the Democrats, they own the debates, they run the election booths and they have a willing and compliant media to back them. They don’t care because they know that you will either vote Democrat or Republican like a good little slave. Always.

Want to break the pattern? Want to send a real and salient message to Washington D.C.? Want to get your country back? Dump the parties. Do the same thing my parents did and change your affiliation to “Independent”. Vote out everyone, and the Beefboy means EVERYONE who is currently in office. If anyone can explain to me why flaming nutsacks like Ted Kennedy and Arlen Specter are still in office, then I’m all ears! We need an enema in government, to remove all the calcified shit that is filling the bowels of our great nation. We need to purge the idiots in charge and make it clear to the next round of jokers that if they don’t start listening to us, then THEY ARE NEXT!

If you don’t act now… If you don’t act decisively… it’s going to be too late to save this great nation.

Dig it!

- The Beefboy