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September 4, 2002-

Lately, the Prez has been playing coy about his intentions toward Iraq. Without fail, George W. has expressed his concerns over Iraq and Saddam Hussein, but has denied that a decision's been made about whether the United States was going into Iraq or not.

Is war with Iraq immanent, or is the decision still up in the air? No one, besides the President, knows that answer better than the Beefboy. So sit back, relax, enjoy and let the Beefboy do what the Beefboy does best... and that's break it right on down for you.

Several months ago the Russians informed the world media that their satellites were showing a build up of camps and American forces in the Gulf region, near Iraq. When asked, point blank, about those accusations, the Pentagon responded that the allegations were true. Folks, if the backwater boneheads in Russia can see it coming, it's not exactly a covert operation.

In the past few weeks, a chorus line of certain congressional and administration Yes-Men have been making appearances on the Sunday talk programs and extolling the virtues of kicking Saddam in the crotch. Vice President Dick Cheney used a Korean War Veteran meeting to assert that Saddam would acquire nuclear weapons "fairly soon" and that we should look to launch a pre-emptive strike, to eliminate the threat. Recent meetings in Crawford Texas were conspicuously absent of the administration's chief peace-monger Colin Powell and chock-full of war-birds lead by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Finally, George Bush made a visit to Oklahoma City last week to raise money for congressional nutsack James Inhofe and gubernatorial (or GOOBER-natorial) candidate Steve Largent. He spent an inordinate amount of time talking about government sponsored terrorism and alluding to Iraq without actually saying "I-R-A-Q".

The writing is on the wall Beefanatics! It's war! No one floats all this media attention to one subject without a plan. The decision has been made and we're already setting up shop in the region. It takes anywhere from one to six months to prepare for a major offensive. In the interim, Bush is lobbying to congress and the media for support. There's a phrase that keeps coming up in the press, and that phrase is "casus belli", a Latin term meaning an event that provokes, leads to or is used to justify a war. Basically, we're looking for a casus belli to serve as an excuse to be the aggressor. Expect to see the U.S. push for inspectors in Iraq, and when rebuffed, for us to look for world support through the United Nations.

The Beefboy could write a whole other article on why Bush has a hard-on for war with Saddam Hussein. There are some obvious reasons, like cleaning up his Daddy's mess, diverting attention away from the fact that it's a year later and we still haven't found Osama Bin Laden, or funding the Republican cronies in the military industrial complex. However, just like everything else the Beefboy tells you, the truth is below the surface.

It's not "weapons of mass destruction" that makes Iraq such a threat. It's the willingness of Iraq to support terrorist fruitcakes like Osama and Tim McVeigh. That's right. Tim McVeigh. You see, you won't hear that there's a connection between Iraq, and September 11, AND the Oklahoma City bombing, but that's what the Beefboy is here for. Tim McVeigh was seen in the company of Middle-Eastern men in the months and hours prior to the bombing. Dead-boy Tim's co-conspirator, Terry Nichols, was seen in the Philippines meeting with Ramzi Yousef, the Iraqi convicted for masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and who was funded by Bin Laden. All the terrorist plots over the past ten years have the usual suspects, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. The government can't fess up to the connection because it blows their whole notion that little Timmy acted alone when he blew up the Murrah building, but they know better... and now so do you.

Saddam, Osama and their band of thugs (which could also include factions in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and fundamentalist Muslims worldwide) are arranging a circle-jerk at our expense. When Bush goes to the public to make his case for invading Iraq (and that's coming soon), think back to what the Beefboy told you and disregard all the talk about "weapons of mass destruction", "pre-emptive strikes" and an "unbalanced region". All of that is a smokescreen for the real reason, which he's too chicken to tell you. We're going for revenge.

Dig it!

-The Beefboy

Update October 9, 2004

I've been pleased with how well this article has held up over time. When everyone else was wondering if the United States was considering war, the Beefboy not only predicted war, but told you why we were going. If Bush had told you what I told you, he wouldn't have to answer all the WMD questions now.

If you want to read more about the connection between 9-11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Saddam, Osama and all the rest of those nutsacks, Jayna Davis' The Third Terrorist is a good place to start. When I originally wrote this article I directed you to her website. Now I can direct you to her book. It won't answer all your questions, but it will make you informed and probably make you very angry-not at just the terrorists, but at our government for covering their own ass and not leveling with us.


March 16, 2007

A lot has happened since this article was written. I continue to revel in the fact that I called the whole damn war before it started. I also pointed you to the work of Jayna Davis and I got an interesting email from her husband recently. The email is below.

I couldn’t help but shoot you an e-mail as I came across your site. Thanks for your interest in Jayna’s story. I just wish we had some political leaders with some guts. I was present during 90% of the interviews with the witnesses and can vouch for their veracity. This whole thing is an absolute sham. Best Regards.

Drew Davis