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Race and Political Correctness

Don Imus made a stupid three word comment about the Rutger's women's basketball team and lost his job because of it. What happened to Imus is not a pure case of censorship because the government had nothing to do with it. However, the result and the people who benefitted from bringing him down are extremely disturbing. In fact it may be so disturbing that it's the most dangerous thing happening in the United States today. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and let the Beefboy do, what the Beefboy does best... and that's break it right on down for you.

Let the Beefboy be clear, I don’t know or give a shit about Don Imus. He’s an old cranky has-been and now he’s an old cranky has-been without a job. But, for everyone who has a rosy glow about taking him down, you’ve opened Pandora’s Box. You’re buddies, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, flush with the hubris of media attention, are going after Rap and Talk Radio next. That’s right. If you like either one of those things, get ready to have your favorite stuff censored or watered-down into oblivion.

When you elevate shady nutsacks like Sharpton and Jackson to legitimate status, then you sew the seeds of division and weakness. Those two cornholes have made a fucking fortune telling poor black people how much they are going to help them… mind you, they’ve been telling them that for four decades, and while Jackson and Sharpton’s own bank accounts swell, nothing changes in poor black communities.

As “leaders” they are an embarrassment. If you had leaders that told you that they would help you for four decades and didn’t produce squat, shouldn’t you kick their ass off the throne? Shouldn’t you find new leaders with a different message? Because the old media keeps sticking microphones in their faces, these unelected “leaders” continue to speak for a constituency of people who truly have no voice.

Why not Oprah, or Cosby? What about Christopher Gardner? How about Tony Dungy, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan? Even Ditty is a better role model than Sharpton and Jackson. I’d suggest Barack Obama, but apparently he’s not “black enough” for some people. All of the people I mentioned above are legitimate leaders because they have achieved a high level of success in their fields, they have a positive message and they all practice the power of responsibility and hard work.

While Sharpton and Jackson as leaders are a tragedy, the game is more serious now. The United States, hell the free world, is under threat from forces that seek our destruction. Our enemies are looking at us, sizing up our weaknesses and waiting for us to crumble. Sharpton and Jackson want to divide us into black and white and a fist full of other colors. Meanwhile they want to take away our ability to fully express ourselves.

Many people would prefer that the Beefboy wouldn’t point a finger at the people who are terrorists. They prefer that I look at bombings as unrelated incidents and not the acts of a coordinated group of people, who have declared Jihad on us. I have seen the enemy, and the name our enemy is RADICAL ISLAM. If Sharpton and Jackson get their way, people who name the enemy will be silenced, under the guise of political correctness.

It’s bad enough to lie to a group of people you call brothers to feather your own nest, but threatening to take away our ability to fully speak our mind is the most dangerous threat there is. It’s a threat to destroy our country. It’s a threat to destroy our world. Sharpton and Jackson are like a disease that eats away our flesh and rots our collective minds. Now is the time to come together, not as African Americans, or Hispanic Americans, Italian Americans or even Muslim Americans, but as just plain ol’ Americans. We’re all in this together and we have real enemies who want us to kneel to Allah, or die. Let’s concentrate on the real threats and keep our speech truly free so we can name the threats... and decimate them.

Dig it!
-The Beefboy

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