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The Videos of the Virginia Tech Killer

NBC recently caught some flack for showing the videos, writings and photos of the Virginia Tech Killer. You can rest assured that I won't do that here, not because I'm afraid of bitching, but because I think it's a slap in the face to society. So, what would I have done if I was the News Chief at NBC? Well, sit back, relax, enjoy, and let the Beefboy do, what the Beefboy does best... and that's break it right on down for you.

The Virginia Tech killer is a pathetic loser of the highest order. No video should be shown of him. No photos should seen. I question whether we should really even know his name. His sick acts should be relegated to the tragedies of history and his name FORGOTTEN. FOREVER.

Glorifying this bottom-feeding weasel by running his rambling droning nasal bullshit over and over and over again, just rewards his actions. He was a nobody before the event. He should remain a nobody now. Who’s with me? He should be ridiculed and humiliated and shamed. We should create little cartoons where puppies pee on his head. We should make jokes about what a small penis he had. He should be a recurring character on Conan O’Brien called “Wimpy Pseudo-Intellectual Loser Worm”.

The Beefboy has heard every excuse for why this has happened, including, but not limited to video games, the availability of guns, lax security, poor psychological evaluation, Hong Kong action flicks, bullying, George Bush, Prozac, class envy and Sanjaya’s omnipresence on American Idol. However, here’s the one fact that everyone glosses over. In his little media kit the Viginia Tech Killer reveres the names of the two loser twits from Columbine Colorado that did this same stunt nearly ten years ago. Get it? The Beefboy knows their names, but I shouldn’t and I won’t repeat them here. They should have been shamed and humiliated and reviled and FORGOTTEN. Instead, they became the poster children for academic killing sprees and the heroes to a world full of evil passionate fucktards.

Do you want more of this sort of stuff? Do you want the next loser to pick up a gun and chase immortality and a spot on Deal or No Deal, by killing a slew of innocent people? If that’s what you want, then keep making this piece of shit your media darling. Plaster his name and his videos and his self aggrandizing photos all over every available media outlet. You’re teaching the next loser how to rise from justified obscurity.

Dig it!
-The Beefboy

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