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Pinball Theory of the Apocalypse
by Jonathan Selwood

July 29, 2007 - It's been said that the first great novel of the post September 11th world has yet to be written. While I don't think "The Pinball Theory of the Apocalypse" is reaching for that goal, it certainly deserves to be considered as a work that empathizes with the current American psyche while satirizing celebrity worship, the art world and our quest for all things superficial. In fact, it's the debate of superficial rewards versus artistic integrity that haunts the novel's main character Isabel Raven as she deals with Los Angeles earthquakes, a cheating celebrity boyfriend, California wild fires, a sociopathic agent and a healthy roster of fringe-element wack jobs.

Jonathan Selwood has written a virgin-tight manuscript that delivers both humor and insight. While I prefer stronger female leads, the numbed acceptance of Isabel Raven probably mirrors the majority of people today and sets up the dilemna she must deal with. The pre-apocalyptic world (Isabel's father has discovered that the solar system will collapse by 2049) Isabel lives in (again mirroring our own fears of global warming and terrorism), justifies the public's pre-occupation with the here and now and further underscores the futility of long-term goals and personal ethics.

"The Pinball Theory of the Apocalypse" is a fast and fun read that gives an excellent snapshot of our current times.

The Beefboy was sent a preview copy "The Pinball Theory of the Apocalypse" and the marketing department has been very clever by creating a couple of websites that are mentioned in the book itself. While I was dissapointed to not find those nude photos of Isabel Raven, her artist website and her father's page on The Pinball Theory are nice extras. You can also visit the website of author Jonathan Selwood.

Dig it!
- The Beefboy


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