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On Feb. 29th McDonald’s had their free McSkillet Burrito offer to celebrate leap year, so even though I read the Beefboy’s warnings about how much this burrito sucks I still had to try it for free.

Before I unwrapped the burrito, I thought again about the Beefboy’s  commentary so I decided to eat the burrito without looking at and let my taste buds see if this burrito is truly tasteless. Well I must say the Beefboy is wrong my McSkillet had a taste and it tasted like salsa. No not egg, cheese, sausage, potato with salsa, nope just a mushy paste-like matter that tasted like salsa.

The McSkillet sucks ass, this is by far the worst breakfast sandwich/burrito I have ever eaten. Sorry I doubted you sir.

Viva La Beefboy!

- Couch Pirate Scott

Even I doubted my own self. I decided to go ahead and try it again last week... I mean... IT'S FREE RIGHT? How bad could it be?

Well, even free it sucked balls McDonalds! Take your free tasteless McSkillet burrito and shove it up the Mayor McCheese's ass!

-The Beefboy


i stumbled on to your site when i was looking at pictures of adiane curry.i read the first paragraph,then the next,then the next,ect.. i read every thing back to august 2005 as well as looking at pics then realized it was three hours later.its perfect.talking about everything important as well as showing hot pics to give me a breather in between.i just wanted to tell you how refreshing it was,thank the way( im sure you already know)adriane curry just did a playboy pictorial,it should be out soon. thanks again and keep doing your doing.and yes i DIG IT!!!!!

new reader

I'm looking for the Playboy pictorial too!

Thanks for all the kind comments, I'd just be shouting to the wind without visitors like you.

-The Beefboy


Shawn's Section
My old buddy Shawn has written in several times, so I'm going to put his posts here. He's always got something interesting to say!

I too have been trying to figure out the new line up for Adult Swim and I for one can't stand it. I thought that Aqua Teen was retarded at first and it took a few viewings and choice episodes to change my mind and see the show for what it is but 12oz. Mouse, The Squidbillies, Perfect Hair Forever are just lame. I want to like them but I can't. They appear to me to be the work of lazy animators or stoned highschool students and that just shouldn't be rewarded with a show on a cable channel. I'm very old school when it comes to the animation I enjoy. Even the lack luster approach of South Park shows alot of talent both in the animation and especially in the writing. The shows mentioned don't give me any of that. They just give me time to get a snack or take a shit before a real show comes on.

The Boondocks is another show that has me concerned. All I get from this show is hate. That and ridicule. I understand that this show is based on a comic strip by the same name and I have to say congrats to the creators for their success but the scripts often disturb me. I'm sure it's because I'm looking at the show through "white" glasses but I just can't stomach their portrayls though Huey is very insightful. If this show is cancelled my feelings wont be hurt.

The distortion of Bill Watterson's Calvin character has always rubbed me the wrong way. Sure I would purchase any "official merchandise" if it were available but since that isn't the wish of Mr.Watterson I guess I won't. As an illustrator I can respect that even if I don't like it. Others should also have respect for such a talented creator.

Till next time...

Shawn Wilson
Laffin Man Studios

I love the Boondocks, and even though they come down hard on whites, they also are very critical of other races as well. And it's funny! I think if you give it another chance you'll be impressed with it's insight and heart.

-The Beefboy


Good News

God spoke to me
1)Sept 2003: I was down Pittsburgh, and I heard a voice that said,"Good News". It confused me, but I felt compeled to come home to my old church.
2)When I arrive home, I recieve a Good News Bible in the church from my dad.
3)I had never heard of this Bible before in my life, the "Good News" I was spoken to was manifested in physical form.

Get a Good News Bible yourself.

Don't just take my word for it. Lets investigate the bible's claims.

(John 14:6) Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me."

Way: Jesus claims he is the way to God. Jesus claims people should try and live in the way he did. No one but Jesus is sinless, but we should try to live in the way Jesus instructs.

Truth: Jesus claims to speak the truth and be true. His words and actions follow this claim. Much of this investigation examines this claim. Once one accepts Jesus as truth, his other claims can be accepted.

Life: Jesus claims eternal life for all. The better you lead your life in this life, the greater your rewards in heaven. He claims also that evil people will be sent into eternal fire.

Everyone who's reading this right now is thinking different things. There are a few groups of readers that I really want to target. Most of all, I want to appeal to Reader group #1 who say, "Religion is just a method of control on people's lives. People get scared of going to hell, so they join an organized religion. I'm not gullible so I'll live any way I want."
To reader group #1: I'll try to help you realize that Jesus is the truth. Instead of focusing on hellfire as a means of control and exploitation by the ruling class, we'll first examine if Jesus is someone to trust. Once you have trust in what Jesus says, then you can believe the Final Judgment(Matthew 25:31). Judgement is actually his last teaching before the plot against him in the book of Matthew. You may interpret this ordering has a reason: Jesus may want you to believe in him before having you accept such a grave situation.

I will also look at the bible as a whole to support Jesus' claim of truth. The bible is completely true, yet group #2 says, "Science, logic, or reason proves parts of it false. Since the bible is supposed to be completely true, yet part is false, the whole doctrine is false." Nothing proves the bible false. I will still dedicate a few chapters to debunking popular claims. I will not deny logic, but how it's applied. Some people can not fathom the unlimited scope of God's power to shape or change the universe. If you're really hung upon 'evolution', 'the age of earth', 'Noah's flood', or 'bad translation of the bible' its probably best that you skip ahead to those later chapters now to get the weight off your chest. It would be tough for someone to continue reading this if they think they could prove part of the bible as false.

While the later chapters deal with debunking attacks on the bible's truths, these first chapters will focus on building up your trust in God. Many people don't want to be suckered, so they don't immediately trust other people. Many people build up trust over time. Even with time you may never fully trust a person. But the son of God claims he can be completely trusted. We can use our traditional reasoning skills to see that Jesus is true in many actions and false in none. As you see more and more instances of Jesus being true, your leap of faith to trust him fully will be lessened. To some deep thinking minds, the bible makes sense, but group #3,"Might not have had time to read and deeply consider it."

Hopefully sometime while reading this book your interest becomes sparked in the bible. I encourage you to drop this book, and read the bible as soon as you feel inclined. Do not read this book thinking it's crib notes for the bible. This book is intended to appeal to your sense of logic, and reason. It will provide you with strategies, and angles to consider about the bible that perhaps were unknown to you. And once you got a foothold on truth, the rest flows naturally. While its not a 'Proof of God', it shouldn't have to be. You can think for yourself.

Truth point 1: John 5:30-5:47 Jesus speaks of his witnesses. John is a witness to Jesus being the son of God. God the Father is a witness, because he arranged that Jesus' deeds show his divinity and truth. The scriptures also predict Jesus' coming and deeds including what Moses wrote.

Truth point 2: Jesus was prophesized in scripture, as Jesus claimed in John 5:30-5:47(Truth point 1) Prophesy is difficult. There are no known prophets in the world that have had their predictions come true. All modern prophets who try and predict the future have been proven to be fakes when what they predicted did not come true. There were some false prophets in the bible, and they were proven wrong too. The prophets in the bible that proclaimed God's message were always correct in their prophesies. They predicted the success and failure of nations, kings, armies, cities and people(read the old testament to see for yourself). The prophets came hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus. The prophets prophesized about the Messiah, and every word they spoke came true in the life of Jesus. Isaiah 44:6-44-8 The Lord, who rules and protects Israel, the Lord Almighty, has this to say: "I am the first, the last, the only God; there is no other god but me. Could anyone else have done what I did? Who could have predicted all that would happen from the very beginning to the end of time? Do not be afraid, my people! You know that from ancient times until now I have predicted all that would happen, and you are my witnesses. Is there any other god? Is there some powerful god I never heard of?" Examples: (Note to self-Add more examples, there are tons) 2a:Isaiah 44:21-28 - Note that the body of Jesus is commonly referred to as the foundation of the true temple of God. In one way the prediction is for the rebuilding of the physical temple, in another way it's the prediction of the savior. 2b:Isaiah 44:17-32

Truth point 3: John16:16-16:24 Sadness and Gladness-Jesus predicts his own death and resurrection. His accurate prediction is a sign of divinity and him telling the truth. Also seen in Matthew16:21, Matthew 17:22 and Matthew 20:17-20:19

So to conclude, God is loving to us in that he sent his own son to take up the cross. Out of love Jesus endured the ultimate suffering of all time past and to come.

The Beefboy appreciates getting an e-mail from Bibleman, but I haven't respected Willie Aames since Charles in Charge (anyone who plays second fiddle to Scott Baio has to suck a lot of cock)!

I had to edit this e-mail for space. The fucker who sent this to me had 10 "Truth Points". Man, it's unbelievable how much you can achieve when you're celibate!

I get about one of these religious form e-mails a week. I would respect the sender more if he wrote something directly to ME, not just copied and pasted some fucking novel for the Beefboy to read.

If you want to send the Beefboy a Bible, or the Koran, or the I-Ching, or Tracts (the Beefboy really seriously LOVES Cartoon Tracts!) , then send it to the address below:

The Beefboy
P.O. Box 6027
Moore, OK 73153

Dear PayPal client,

While performing it's regular scheduled monthly billing address check our system found incompatible information which seams to be no longer the same with your current credit card information that we have on file. If you changed your billing information or if you moved from you previous address please follow up the link bellow and update your billing information: If you didn't change any of this information you still need to follow up the previous link and update your existing billing information because it means that our database regular scheduled update wasn't made correctly. Choosing to ignore this message will result in to a temporary suspension of your account within 24 hours, until you will choose to solve this unpleasant situation.

We apologies for any inconvinience this may caused you and we strongly advise you to update your information you have on file with us. Clicking [BOGUS LINK REMOVED] you will avoid any possible futuring billing problems with your account.

Best regards,
- PayPal Team.

I'd like to point out that this is a DIRECT COPY of a scam letter I got... that includes the part that says "BOGUS LINK REMOVED"! Yes! They left that in!

If you're such a complete moron that you can't compose a sentence in the english language without totally fucking it up, you should consider another scam. I'd like to imagine a world where I could send a lightning bolt directly to the fuckhole who wrote this email.

Unfortunately, someone who got this email probably clicked the link they sent and gave away a bunch of information... and to them, I say GOOD! Anyone who is fooled by this crap deserves to have their identity stolen and pay a hefty "stupid tax"!

Dig it!
-The Beefboy

Oklahoma City Photography at Sight Key Studios


Really enjoyed browsing around your website. I figured you out for one of the Good Guys when I got to your comments on Far Scape.

Your political comments are also right on the money for the most part, and sexy babes sprinkled liberally throughout everything is always a crowd pleaser, at least for guys like me.

Keep up the good work !

Doug in Kansas City, Mo.

"For the most part?!!" And here I thought I was right about everything! (Truth be told, I'd be a bit worried if you, or anyone else, agreed with everything I said. I'll take "for the most part" any day!)

I'm an old-school geek, that's for sure, and Farscape is about as good as it gets, when you're talking sci-fi (but the new Battlestar Gallactica is moving up my list rapidly). Sci-fi Friday is a regular ritual.

The chick pics are here for three reasons:

1. I like chick pics.

2. Both chicks and dudes love chick pics.

3. Chick pics make the world go around.

Thanks for writing in Doug!

-The Beefboy


It seems that every time you pick a nut sack of the moment something bad happens to them that makes the news!

Yesterday I e-mailed you about Dan Rather quitting his job because he was caught in his lies and can’t handle the ridicule and now today I see on the news that KOJO is going to die if he doesn’t get a kidney transplant. Are you psychic or something?



I have had a pretty good track record with cursing my nutsacks of the moment! I love it! I'm not a psychic, but I play one on TV.

(Hey, Tammy has become a regular over at the Couch Pirates site! Go check her out!)

The Beefboy


dam you look hot how much do you charge to go out on a date with you

I'm a cheap date. I figure a double onion burger and Cherry Coke would be payment enough for a date. Of course you're going to have to be hot yourself if you expect some action (I promise to brush after the burger).

The Beefboy

I enjoyed your commentary. I will place your site in my favorites in place of I like bias and pointed news better.

-Christopher, Moreno Valley, CA.

I do too Christopher.  Write me anytime.

The Beefboy

Respected Lady,

It is clearly written in the books of history that women played more pivotal role in the ancient societies as compared to men.Then why not to admit this fact that there is much about women that is worth worshipping and that perhaps the men who see that are blessed rather than cursed.
The worshipping of women and kissing their feet is certainly a powerful and primeval act.An act charged with both spiritual and emotional intensity. I am not ashamed of worshipping them and paying my tribute by kissing them. I obviously love your Royal and Noble feet because they are not only delicately pretty but gorgeous also and wish to show my love by embossing my countless kisses on their soft and silky texture


Very anxiously waiting for your reply.

Foot lover,

Well Larry, I have to admit this is the first letter I've received from a foot fetishist... so, uhmmm, congratulations... I think.

Besides the obvious unbelievable lack of intelligence it takes to send this letter to a dude (A DUDE NAMED "THE BEEFBOY"), I've got to ask... does this routine really work for you? I mean, what chick reads that prattle and thinks, "Fuck! I've got to meet that guy!" Unless she's a professional Dominatrix, she's probably thinking "restraining order".

With that said, I'm all about worshiping women too, I just like to do my worshiping at the temple, not the dirt road out front.

The Beefboy


The letter started with a quote from "February 25, 2005

-Ted Koppel had a story on Oscar awards for stunt coordinators last night (and by the way, I think they should be honored). Most news shows were highly concerned with the composition of Michael Jackson's jury or rain in California. Meanwhile, everyone seems to have forgotten that we have our brothers and sisters facing daily horseshit over in the desert. The Beefboy hasn't forgotten. I appreciate their sacrifice and I won't let it rest until they can rest"

I just wanted to say thanks. I'm glad somebody hasn't forgotten what's going on over there. Not to get all mushy, but my husband spent a year over there, and missed alot back home (to include missing the birth of our second child). I wouldn't wish what we've been through on my worst enemy (maybe I would.. it would depend on who it is). So props to you. Your site kicks ass, and you still manage to remember the important things in life. Thank you.


I can't tell you how much it means to me that you would take the time to write me this letter. Thank you. I really believe that you have to remember what's important and the sacrifice of the soldiers and their families, is something that I think is forgotten too easily.

Thanks again, and please write me anytime.

The Beefboy

pls send me some stuffs of nude men

We don't do "stuffs" of nude men here, we've got standards to uphold...

The Beefboy


Toxic Goddess Leila

The newest model gallery at Dirk Hooper Photography is of the lovely Toxic Goddess Leila.