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I do reviews for DVDs, comics, books and music. I am particularly interested in independant work, stuff that is unique, business oriented materials and will admit that I like sci-if and horror a lot.

The Beefboy Rants has been around for over five years now and gets over two million hits a month. My site is optimized extremely well for search engines (particularly Google), so if I publish a review, it will not only get exposure to my audience but to others who are searching for it.

If you're interested in having your DVDs, comics, books or music CDs reviewed please send me a review copy to the address below:

The Beefboy
PO Box 6027
Moore, OK 73153

If I choose your work to review, I will make sure that you get a notice of when and where it is located on my site and it will get home page coverage as well as a spot in my archives section.

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